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Amazing compilation workout program featuring four star instructors presenting their signature workouts for over 2 1/4 hours of incredible exercise. Featuring:

  • Jade Alexis - Body Blast Flow: Incorporating yoga, strength, and boxing in a challenging circuit for maximum toning. Utilizes resistance tubing and light dumbbells (30 min).
  • Kendra Kemerley - Kendra's NYC Dance Workout: A non-stop, flowing dance routine using hip-hop and jazz moves for a fun, easy to follow workout (40 min).
  • Kira Stokes - Stoked 360: A high-intensity interval training workout to increase metabolism, tone and strengthen the whole body. Utilizes light dumbbells and yoga block - optional (44 min).
  • Jonathan Urla - Pilates Power Flex: This innovative Pilates workout uses a theraband to flatten the abs, improve flexibility, and target hard to tone areas (25 min).

Celebrity Trainers Workout - NYC

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