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Upcoming Workshops and Teacher Training

Nov 19th, 2023   11-12:30pm

Reiki & Chakra Balancing
with Antonette Redl, EYRT 500

Experience a blissful "spa like" yoga restorative session

with the healing energy of group Reiki.   

This unique profound healing yoga system restores and revitalizes the flow of energy to your chakras (inner energy centers) for improved health, energy level and awareness.

Antonette will move you through a gentle restorative practice while incorporating guided meditations through each chakra as well as Reiki to balance your energy channels for calming and less stress.  Essential Oils will be diffused to aide in aromatherapy.

$40. Presented by Ananta Yoga, Wayne, NJ 

Yoga Workshop with Antonette Redl and Jonathan Urla

Circles  Waves  Arcs  Spirals
Figure 8s

The practice of hatha yoga can be described as "energy in motion". In this two-hour workshop, we will explore various curvilinear energetic forms; including spirals, circles, waves, scoops, undulations, and figure 8's. Through imagery and sensory awareness cues, the practitioner can experience these forms as flowing movements that can awaken inner and outer balance, strengthen your core, lead to deeper releases, and new thinking about our bodies. Please join master teachers Antonette and Jonathan in this inspiring workshop.

Open to all levels.

Presenter: Ananta Yoga

Wayne, NJ

Oct. 15, Sun. 11am-1pm


Meditate at the beach

Eight week: 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Get certified and evolve your own practice with CIFW's comprehensive yoga teacher training course taught by Antonette Redl, 500hr E-RYT. Learn all the key facets of Yoga, including the mental, spiritual, and physical underpinnings of the ancient practice, along with a deep appreciation of how the full scope of yoga can be applied to a healthy and balanced philosophy for living. All participants who complete the full course will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course is registered with The Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level, so that graduates can become RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers). Course fee: $2,000. Includes full Yoga Teacher Training Manual and access to digital yoga video library.   Start Spring 2023, start date TBD

Pilates Body/Yoga Mind Workshop

Come and learn the similarities and differences between yoga and Pilates. Taught by Yogilates creator Jonathan Urla, the workshop explores the methods of training both the mind and body for better alignment, posture, breath, balance, stress reduction, mobility, coordination and enjoyment. Open to all levels.

assisted stretch.jpg

Assisted Stretching Workshop

Designed for certified trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, this workshop will first teach how to thoroughly assess a client for muscular tightness, misalignment and or joint restriction. Then you will learn the most effective forms of assisted stretching techniques including; passive assist, active mobilization, and contract/release, and how each can be utilized to improve flexibility, decrease muscle soreness and tightness, and client overall sense of relief. Participants will receive hands-on experience of each method and will practice on each other in simulated client situations. Emphasis will be on learning safe positioning and how to listen and feel with the hands to provide an effective and therapeutic experience for the client.

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